License Terms

By purchasing a license to use any of the digital goods produced or maintained by iWork Lawyer, you are acquiring the right to use, in perpetuum, the licensed digital good. Such license extend to the version of the digital good obtained at the time of purchase of the license, and extend to twenty (20) downloads of the licensed digital good or for one hundred and eighty (180) days, whichever comes first.

Licenses Not Products

iWork Lawyer sells licenses, not products

By paying for a download from iWork Lawyer, you are not purchasing the template or other downloaded item itself, rather you are purchasing one (1) license to use this product on any personal or work computer, smartphone, or tablet which you own. If you intend for your employees to use this template, you must purchase one license per employee. The license granted you to use this template does not include the right to resell, whether altered or unaltered, any copy or copies of the template.
Further, there are no warranties, whether express or implied, attendant the purchase of this download or the use of this template. It is your obligation to ensure that your documents comply with all applicable rules and laws. iWork Lawyer makes no representations as to the fitness of this template for any particular purposes.


All iWork Lawyer licenses entitle the bearer to twenty (20) downloads of the licensed digital good or one hundred and eighty (180) days of updates, whichever comes first. We highly suggest using your twenty (20) downloads sparingly and only when actually needed (e.g., when you have lost your copy of the digital good or an update to the digital good has been released).

After use of the twenty (20) downloads or expiration of the one hundred and eighty (180) days, a new license must be purchased to regain access to downloads/updates.

Refund Policy

iWork Lawyer deals in licenses, which are digital goods. By their very nature, digital goods cannot be returned. With this in mind, iWork Lawyer generally does not issue refunds for any digital items that have been delivered. If you purchase a license to a template and then download that template, it remains yours to use according to the terms of our license. We will not issue a refund except in extraordinary circumstances, and such refunds remain at the sole discretion of iWork Lawyer

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